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Many tourists often travel to Israel. Understandable, because there are many interesting sights to see in Israel. You would like to share these great memories with friends and family. However, this requires a good internet connection. Unfortunately, however, it is often forgotten that roaming charges are very high in Israel. That could cost you over several thousand euros. One solution would be to charge the Internet locally in Israel. However, this could be associated with complications. Tourists are often withdrawn and they pay large amounts. This would make communication more difficult, as you know, Israel is not spoken German, and the best solution would be to take care of Internet access before you travel. This is much easier and cheaper. So you can start your vacation or business trip relaxed and enjoy safe and cheap internet. You are probably wondering how you can get the cheap internet. The answer is simple and is Simtravellers!

Simtravellers offers cheap internet abroad. Before you travel, choose the optimal SIM card with your desired GB number. We will then activate your card on the day of the desired day. So optimal at the departure date. You will receive the SIM card from us before you leave and you can use it in your smartphone, tablet or router. You are welcome to find out more on our website.



€ 29.99

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  • 4 GB € 29.99
  • 10 GB € 44.99
  • 12 GB € 49.99
  • 24 GB € 64.99
  • Unlimited Data € 89.99