Internet in Turkey event_available 28/3/2024 27/5/2019

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Using your own internet in Turkey is associated with very high fees.

Nowadays, few people can tear themselves away from the internet for a few days. To avoid high costs accrued after returning, the only solution is to block internet connections through your network.

The hotels have amenities such as the use of free WI-FI, but it is worth remembering that the quality and speed of the Internet may be unsatisfactory for us. In addition, the hotel internet is not secure and you can be exposed to hacking and downloading sensitive data.

It is also possible to buy a card on the spot, but every SIM card in Turkey is subject to registration, and formalities are expensive and take a long time. As we are traveling abroad and we do not want to worry about finding a place to sell such a card, exposing ourselves to the language barrier.

The best solution is to buy our card. It allows you to use the Internet anytime and anywhere you are.

It is worth buying such a card before leaving without any formalities. Just choose the right package (with the possibility of top-up) and enjoy the Internet.

Why use the Internet while on holiday in Turkey? Here are some examples:

* contact with family and friends

* checking the weather

* checking exchange rates

* synchronizing photos in case of phone failure

* using the map

* web browsing in spare time



€ 39.99

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  • Package Price
  • 5 GB € 39.99
  • 15 GB € 59.99
  • 20 GB € 69.99
  • 30 GB € 79.99
  • Unlimited Data € 89.99
  • 10 GB € 49.99